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Why Outsourcing Is the Way to Go In Today’s Remote World

What exactly does outsourcing bring to the table for a remote workforce? Here’s a brief list of the major advantages a remote business can enjoy when it decides to outsource its projects.

Nemanja Vidojevic

January 9, 2023
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The benefits of outsourcing are numerous, and the market just keeps on growing. Just look at the figures – over two-thirds of large companies turn to outsourcing to a certain degree. As for remote work and outsourcing, they go hand in hand, since both imply working with people from outside the main office. 

Yet, what exactly does outsourcing bring to the table for a remote workforce? Here’s a brief list of the major advantages a remote business can enjoy when it decides to outsource its projects.

Using global potential

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing is connecting with expert teams from other parts of the world. Here’s how unlocking the global potential can help you:

  • A diverse workforce allows for more ideas and innovative approaches to problem solving, reflecting the company’s positive results.
  • When you outsource to a new country, you also get the chance to become acquainted with its market. Your new colleagues will probably have you thinking in that direction and may open new doors for you even though you haven’t planned to expand to a new foreign market.
  • If you’ve been working remotely for quite some time and need a breath of fresh air, your colleagues from abroad can provide you with hands-on details about the standards of living. Perhaps you could step up and become a digital nomad!

Educational opportunities

Your remote team is already accustomed to accepting instructions online, so having an outsourced professional training them should go easy. 

Above all, one of the main reasons an outsourced educator is an excellent choice is that they are already used to explaining and delivering online. Not all professionals in the field excel when it comes to online education. At the same time, an outsourced expert probably already has a plan on how to incorporate mixed reality into the presentation and make it more inclusive.

Therefore, outsourcing is your best bet if you wish for your team to learn new skills fast.

Easy scalability  

Expanding your team with one or a few more remote workers may seem easy. As they don’t work from the office, you don’t need to look for new office space to accommodate the new team members. 

However, you still have plenty of obligations toward your new employees. For example, you will need to purchase new equipment for their home offices. Also, finding a person willing to work for only a couple of months for the company may be tricky.

Outsourcing takes all this load off your back. You can pass on the additional tasks and costs to the outsourcing company, thus making your in-house team relieved and satisfied (and more productive as a result, too).

Greater flexibility

You’d think that you’ve already achieved a satisfactory level of flexibility with a remote workforce. People usually take remote working as an example of flexibility at work, but that doesn’t mean things can’t get rigid at times. 

For instance, it’s not always easy to fit everyone’s vacation demands into the work calendar without interrupting the workflow. However, outsourcing can help you a great deal. You could replace your team member for a week or two without issues, allowing for more people to go on vacation at the same time.

Similarly, you could also turn to this temporary solution when someone suddenly resigns. By the time you find and employ a new worker, you will have covered the productivity gap by outsourcing. Perhaps it won’t be doable to find the best possible replacement right away, but it should cover at least some major gaps in your team’s efficiency.

Improved cybersecurity

94% of companies are taking advantage of cloud storage at the moment. What’s more, the latest statistics report that over 60% of all corporate data is available online. This is precisely what makes remote work, well, work! If it weren’t for the possibility of sharing so much data with workers from all over the world, remote work, as we know it, wouldn’t exist.

These impressive figures can be pretty daunting if we combine them with the following fact: there were over 4,100 publicly disclosed data breaches in 2022 alone. As much as technology is making progress, so are cybersecurity violations. It’s definitely challenging to have a team that keeps up with all the latest viruses and malware, especially if you’re a budding startup and can’t afford to have one whole department dedicated to cybersecurity.

In such and similar cases, outsourcing cybersecurity expertise is crucial. That way, outsourcing can save your company from all kinds of horrible data leak scenarios, including bankruptcy or huge blows to your brand’s reputation.

Faster reactions

To remain competitive, a business has to be ready to rise up to the challenge at all times. COVID-19, for instance, brought the world to a halt, with online shopping statistics going wild. Even if you didn’t base a lot of your sales on e-commerce, optimizing the website for fast and easy sales became a must. Another example is health services — as people were wary about going to health institutions, online consultations were organized by offices ready to react promptly.

Outsourcing is excellent in this respect. When your company suddenly encounters a challenge, but you don’t have people or the means to react immediately, you can turn to an outsourcing company to provide you with a quick fix.

Greater productivity

This one nicely sums up all the benefits we’ve listed so far. A happy worker is a productive worker, be them remote or not. Outsourcing makes their workload smaller and the workflow smoother, and it helps them gain new skills while allowing them to go on vacation when preferred!

Overall, outsourcing gives plenty of reasons for a remote worker to feel satisfied and fulfilled, reflecting on the company’s productivity levels.

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