Quick scaling for a Global Expansion
Sales Team Scaling Case Study

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Global expansion

The Challenge

After the initial 1-year project with Sales Clover, Sift once again found itself at the forefront of additional global expansion. Investor expectations were growing bigger and to support that growth Sift tasked Sales Clover to help them scale.

Swift Team Scaling

The Solution

Sales Clover came in with a deep expertise in the cybersecurity industry and its powerful recruiting engine, and in just 5 weeks staffed Sift with additional 12 resources.

Team Built

SDR Managers



Sales Operations

“Sales Clover’s SDRs came with SDR experience and knowledge of the industry. This allowed them to have a significantly faster onboarding process and quicker up-time than when we hired and trained SDRs ourselves.”

Business Development Director

Quick growth through complete Sales Team outsourcing

The Results

In just one month the new reps ramped to 80% of their quarterly quota. Sift decided to move their whole outbound sales program to Sales Clover. Following the success in the past 18 months, Sift was able to acquire an additional funding round and reach their unicorn status in April 2021.

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