Building an SDR Team and Sales Processes
SDR 90 Day Pilot Program Case Study

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No reliable source of pipeline

The Challenge

Optic Power relied primarily on their referral networks to find new customers and didn’t have a reliable source of pipeline to continue to grow the business in a sustainable way.

Building a new Sales Team and process.

The Solution

Optic Power turned to the Sales Clover 90 day Pilot Program to build their sales team and designed a repeatable bespoke sales process. Sales Clover created a customer segmentation model and built their messaging and persona framework to target relevant tech companies.

Team Built

SDR Managers



“Building a sales team wasn’t in our DNA so finding Sales Clover filled a big need for us. It’s only 3 months into our relationship, but we’ve already seen an 800% increase in pipeline from their efforts!”

Aaron Hall

CSO & Cofounder, Optic Power

A repeteable and scalable source of pipeline

The Results

Over 90 days, Optic Power expanded their team from the initial pilot to 14 SDR’s and 14 MRA’s. In that period we set over 200+ qualified meetings from and increased Optic Power’s annual sales pipeline by 800%. This eventually led to acquiring Sales Clover and bringing it into the Optic Power family of B2B services.

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Pipeline Growth


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