Building a NEW Sales Team? Our Starter Package is the #1 way to build a repeatable sales process.  You'll get a full sales team for the cost of a single SDR. 


Streamlined Onboarding

We've learned the hard way. Our onboarding team cuts down ramp time and will help you build a strong sales foundation to scale upon.

2 Dedicated SDR's

We know how to hire. Our SDR's our motivated, creative, self-organized, and know how to execute.

2 Dedicated MRA's

Analytical and curious, our market researchers will find the right people, at the right companies, so that your value prop resonates.

Management Oversight

SDR's need feedback and coaching. Our internal team leads manage all starter teams and hold the team accountable to help them hit their targets. 

Content & Campaign Advisors

Get access to our library of best practices on tools, messaging, reporting, and more.

Sales Playbook

Every successful SDR team has a sales playbook they follow. We'll work with you to outline the tactics we'll take to hit your sales targets.


We'll identify the optimal team members and put them through our proprietary bootcamp designed to get them up and selling in less than two weeks.


Over the first 90 days, we'll continue to optimize your playbook, team, and campaigns to improve results.






> Dedicated Team

> Dedicated, full-time resources

> 2 Lead Generation Experts (MRA'S)

> 2 Meeting Setting Experts (SDR'S)




Don't go through the brain damage of building your own sales team from scratch. Let Sales Clover build you a team at and increase your sales at a fraction of the cost of the DIY approach. 

Plus, you'll get a feel for what it's like to partner with Sales Clover - while generating meetings! 

We give you all the pieces necessary to execute your initial sales campaigns, learn from the results, and scale up your pipeline generation efforts for less than what it would cost to hire an SDR yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up my team? 

Typically it takes between 14 - 30 days to identify the right people for your needs. 

How do you know how to target the customers we want? 

Our onboarding team will work with you to identify your ideal customer profile. This is done prior to the kickoff call with the assigned Customer Success Manager. 

Can I interview candidates?  

Yes. But that could affect launch timelines. With over 20+ years of building and training Sales Teams, we know what to look for when assembling the right team for your needs. If at any time you aren't happy with a member of your team, we'll swap them out. 

Is Sales Clover cheaper than hiring internally? 

Yes. On average our customers save between 50-250% on building their teams with Sales Clover vs hiring internally. With no cost to recruit, train, manage, benefits or payroll taxes, it's easy to see why Sales Clover is the preferred way to build your sales team. 


SDR's Hired in 2019/20


New Accounts Identified


Full Contacts Sourced


Sales Activities Generated


Sales Meetings Delivered


Closed-Won Deals Generated