Our Approach

Our battle-tested approach to B2B lead generation process.

Stage 1


Guided by one of our Customer Success Managers (CSM), the assigned Account Team Unit (ATU) conducts a deep dive into your business to fully understand your product offering, your business challenges, your customers and their needs, and the current market panorama. During this stage, all tools and technology integrations are set up, and the communication cadence, rhythm of business, and sales handoff process are agreed on and established.

Stage 2

Building a strong foundation

Truly understanding your company and offerings allows us to identify, distill and extract what makes you genuinely distinctive and valuable to potential clients. The Account Team Unit focuses on defining the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Target Personas. Our Market Research Associates (MRAs) use custom research methods, and granular account attributes to identify the “ideal” accounts where your message will resonate. Advanced research features in specialized tools are used to find the best fit buyers, and through our tested validation techniques, we ensure our SDRs will have quality contacts to reach out to every single day.

Stage 3

Test and Optimize

Outreach campaigns are launched, and everything is thoroughly tested and optimized. With more time to focus on quality outreach, our SDRs have the time to craft personal and relevant messages that truly land the value of your product with your target audience. Our messaging is human-centered, recognizing that great business opportunities begin with the people that drive them. We employ tried-and-true ways to create messages tailored to each prospect profile, utilizing potent emotional connections, real-world analogies to persuade your ideal prospects to engage.

Stage 4

Adjust and Scale

We use A/B testing from the beginning to narrow down our messaging and timing to the best strategy for your target demographic. By targeting the right people, in the right companies, at the right time, with the right message, your outbound pipeline will be full of qualified leads eager to learn more about your offerings. Our service goes beyond becoming a simple lead-gen source. We are the ideal partner to help scale through an established, experienced outbound sales team, able to learn, adapt and repeat success.

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Leverage our Battle-Tested Approach

With 20+ years of sales team building experience, our Sales Clover method is proven, successful and repeatable.

Quality Lead Generation

We’ll do the work to get prospects interested and on your calendar. Your team can focus on advancing conversations and closing deals.

Global Reach

We’ve built successful sales teams that focus on USA, North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Our teams speak multiple languages to easily navigate global needs.

Cost Effective Teams

Everything from recruiting to the cost of office space or benefits can quickly tank the ROI of an internal SDR team. Fix your costs and drive profit with an outsourced team.

Multi-channel Reach

Sales has evolved and so have the tools we can leverage, outreach strategies and strategies around messaging through web, apps, and social channels.

Custom Tailored Campaigns

We create, but you’ll approve all messaging and campaign sequences. This protects your reputation and keeps messaging consistent across channels.

Industry Leading Training

Out SDRs undergo rigorous training, specific to your business needs, giving you confidence that they represent your interests as your internal team would.

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Jump-start your Business

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